Older people in particular are prone to ever increasing numbers of home care scams and deceptive activities. There are several reasons for this, but the most important is that these “caregivers” are extremely skilled at manoeuvring their way into the lives of older people and setting up trust. Sadly, that belief can rapidly develop into a disaster. Being lonely and isolation can make older adults in particular susceptible to relationships that begin as caregiver’s arrangements but rapidly cross the bounds into romance or friendship.

Often times, elders who are in dare need for happiness and love is more susceptible whenever someone steps in to meet these needs. Therefore, family members must be on guard for signs that a caregiver’s attachment to an older adult is becoming very personal. Any sad story or appeal for pity is a danger sign. You might begin to hear stories relating to the caregiver’s drastic financial straits, family issues or sick family members. In such cases, neither is common sense nor accusations going to work effectively. If you start to condemn the caregiver, it is most likely the older parent jump to their defence. Attempting to talk a person who is lonely from a relationship is similar to trying to talk them from the need to sleep or eat. On the contrary, express your compassion for their being alone and let them realize you really care about their condition.
Before leaving any senior with any caregiver, endeavour to ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I had a chance to watch this person closely before I leave?
  • Is this person good with aged people?
  • Has this person been a good caregiver to other seniors?

When a caregiver has gained the heart of an older adult, she can begin to feel like family. And with housing shortage along with several seniors living alone, it is shockingly common for caregivers to ask if there is space for one more person. Initially this comes in form of a temporary request from a caregiver, but finally turns into a permanent situation. In situation like this, avoid direct condemnation since the desire of the senior in question was to be kind to someone he relies on. But now that he is being manipulated, he is susceptible to feel ashamed and humiliated. Confrontation cannot be avoided in this case, but avoid the risk of tempers spiking by approaching the issue efficiently.

Furthermore, abusive caregivers may not really be regarded as a caregiver scam, but maltreatment of susceptible individuals may be a form of scam. Whenever you place an older parent with a caregiver, it is realistic to assume they are providing that care. However caregivers without these may turn to hostility, which could vary from a hit to some kind of maltreatment like being tied to a chair, locked in a room etc. Check out references before using a particular caregiver. Do not just take a written reference as evidence; ensure to speak to past clients. Choosing a caregiver can either be a blessing or a curse. Thus beware of the home care scam, choose your caregiver wisely!

Author information:
Nefr Israel 

What our Clients say About Us...

  • S., who took care of my husband, was the Best.  He was very pleased with her and so was I!  She was Family!  We loved her!
    Mrs. G.
  • (Our caregiver) is a wonderful caregiver.  I am relaxed and worry free when she is with my dad.
    Mary P.
  • Akin Care is simply the best home-care agency around.  When we need a live-in home health aid Akin sent and extremely competent and kind woman to care for my family member.  Akin not only has very competent caregivers, but also and RN who check in on clients.  And with Akin you get Ann, the owner, who is always accessible and very involved overseeing everything.  This is a local business and the owners genuinely care about the quality of care their clients receive.
    Linda L.
  • B. was a wonderful companion to my mother.  She was attentive, caring and responsible.  This was a new experience for my mother and for me.  It's great to know I can be away and have total peace of mind that my mother is in caring and responsible hands!
    Linda K.
  • The staff who attended my husband. and helped me in countless ways, were caring, professional, and skilled.
    Judith K.
  • Although we had only two months together we were well served by M.  Besides having a very pleasant personality, she demonstrated considerable knowledge of the field of home health care.  She made many excellent suggestions benefiting the well-being of her client.  We would not hesitate to enjoy her services over a protracted period.
    Don C.
  • ... the caregivers are skilled and intelligent and focused.  We are extremely grateful.
    Claire J.
  • Akin Care Senior Services Agency provided excellent care for my dad. On the first phone call, Ann was very attentive to my dad’s specific needs for a live-in caregiver and wanted to identify the perfect caregiver before accepting the job. I interviewed several other agencies and concluded they were going to be revolving door of caregivers. Once I selected Ann, she was very helpful in navigating what I needed to do and identified resources for me to access. What you get with Akin is honestly, Ann, the owner of the company. I live in Georgia and my dad in Princeton – so I really needed a local person I could count on and trust. Ann was always available by phone or text and was present with my dad as needed – without having to be asked. She identified the perfect caregiver matched to my dad’s physical and personality needs and they immediately hit it off. She treated my dad as if it were her own father. Thank you Ann – the peace of mind you gave me was precious.
    Heidi S.
  • Akin Care offered us compassion and wisdom that seems to derive not just from years of experience but from a genuine interest in clients... Ann has a keen understanding of medical and emotional needs of patients and their families. She is able to bridge communication among the various parties involved in the challenging work of elder and end-of-life health care.
    Shelly S.