Respite Care


Very often, caring for an elder involves family members who are themselves parents and spouses with full-time jobs. Or one spouse is caring for another for long stretches of time.  Akin Care Senior Services can be a short-term support by providing “respite care” for a family caregiver and ongoing support groups.


  • Highly qualified, caring, insured, bonded, and flexible caregivers who can help you take a few hours to a couple of weeks – for yourself – without feeling guilty or stressed, while you care for yourself and breathe.
  • In-home assessments. We perform in-home assessments which result in a customized care plan the addresses and meets the needs of both the person you’re caring for and yourself.
  • Free “Care for the Caregiver” Support Groups. We offer free support groups for caregivers several times a month.  They are always free and everyone is welcome. Please call the office for meeting times and places.
  • Fall-prevention assessments and training. One of the largest sources of injuries among seniors is falling.
  • Falls are reported by 1/3 of all people over the age of 65 each year.
  • 2/3 of those who fall will do so again within six months.  We can help you assess the risks that your loved one faces and provide education on how to minimize the risk of falling. Also if you request, we will even conduct a free workshop on fall prevention for your group. Visit the Fall Prevention section to learn more.
  • Home safety checks. We have extensive experience in the multi-faceted process of ensuring that your loved one’s home is safe, which is vital to maintaining independence for as long as possible.

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