Make Your Home a Safer Place for a senior

Make Your Home a Safer Place for a senior

Make Your Home a Safer Place for a senior by Hiring a Specialist

With the continuous growth in development and technology, people these days have less and less time for themselves and little to no time for their loved ones. This type of situation can cause feelings of loneliness, agitation, frustration and sometimes anger. However, for those people who have to give extra care and attention to someone else face even greater sense of frustration and anger.

  1. Tight Schedule:
    As we said before that during these times of advancements people do not have any time for themselves, then how can they possibly give time to someone else who is need for it?
  2. Negative Feelings:
    Some of the negative feelings such people face are:
    Frustration: They feel frustrated not only at themselves but also at the situation they are facing without anyone’s help at all.
    Tension: They feel as if they are not accomplishing anything at all.
    Loneliness: They feel as if they are the only ones who are facing their struggles and problems of life.
  3. Do not trust anyone:
    These days it has become very difficult to trust someone close to you or even a blood relative then how can you possibly trust some stranger with your family? Where this feeling is rightly placed it can also be overcome by following some basic points. If you find someone to take care for your family member (a senior citizen) then you must look at the signs. Signs will include the behavior of the patient towards not only you but also with the help that you hired. Look at their behavior do they look happy and relaxed or agitated and sad? By following simple rules you can easily judge the situation however never ignore your gut feeling and instincts: you have them for a reason.
    However, you can overcome all of your problems by hiring someone form home care industry. By doing so, you can overcome all of your struggles and hurdles.
  1.  In-Home Services:
    The biggest benefit of hiring a professional and a specialized person is that they will provide you help by coming to your house rather than taking your family member to other establishment.
  2. Privacy:
    There are certain cases where the person being taken care of feels embarrassment and shame when they find themselves surrounded by strangers and other unknown people in their current condition. However, in case of home care services, the patient feels a little comfort to know that they are in their own house and not in some unknown and strange place. As the biggest component in these situations is the mental health of the patient, disrupting it can cause further problems.
  3. Supervision:
    The biggest comfort that you get by getting a professional help is that you get to supervise the situation at any time. You feel relaxed to know that if anything happens you will be able to witness it or feel the atmosphere to judge it.


Author information:
Nefr Israel 

What our Clients say About Us...

  • S., who took care of my husband, was the Best.  He was very pleased with her and so was I!  She was Family!  We loved her!
    Mrs. G.
  • (Our caregiver) is a wonderful caregiver.  I am relaxed and worry free when she is with my dad.
    Mary P.
  • Akin Care is simply the best home-care agency around.  When we need a live-in home health aid Akin sent and extremely competent and kind woman to care for my family member.  Akin not only has very competent caregivers, but also and RN who check in on clients.  And with Akin you get Ann, the owner, who is always accessible and very involved overseeing everything.  This is a local business and the owners genuinely care about the quality of care their clients receive.
    Linda L.
  • B. was a wonderful companion to my mother.  She was attentive, caring and responsible.  This was a new experience for my mother and for me.  It's great to know I can be away and have total peace of mind that my mother is in caring and responsible hands!
    Linda K.
  • The staff who attended my husband. and helped me in countless ways, were caring, professional, and skilled.
    Judith K.
  • Although we had only two months together we were well served by M.  Besides having a very pleasant personality, she demonstrated considerable knowledge of the field of home health care.  She made many excellent suggestions benefiting the well-being of her client.  We would not hesitate to enjoy her services over a protracted period.
    Don C.
  • ... the caregivers are skilled and intelligent and focused.  We are extremely grateful.
    Claire J.
  • Akin Care Senior Services Agency provided excellent care for my dad. On the first phone call, Ann was very attentive to my dad’s specific needs for a live-in caregiver and wanted to identify the perfect caregiver before accepting the job. I interviewed several other agencies and concluded they were going to be revolving door of caregivers. Once I selected Ann, she was very helpful in navigating what I needed to do and identified resources for me to access. What you get with Akin is honestly, Ann, the owner of the company. I live in Georgia and my dad in Princeton – so I really needed a local person I could count on and trust. Ann was always available by phone or text and was present with my dad as needed – without having to be asked. She identified the perfect caregiver matched to my dad’s physical and personality needs and they immediately hit it off. She treated my dad as if it were her own father. Thank you Ann – the peace of mind you gave me was precious.
    Heidi S.
  • Akin Care offered us compassion and wisdom that seems to derive not just from years of experience but from a genuine interest in clients... Ann has a keen understanding of medical and emotional needs of patients and their families. She is able to bridge communication among the various parties involved in the challenging work of elder and end-of-life health care.
    Shelly S.