caring for the elderly

caring for the elderly

Caring for the elderly

The Most Common Misconceptions about Home Care from an Elder’s Perspective
Caring for the elderly . Home care services remain a blessing to many caregivers, who have loved ones that need help with their daily activities. Even with that, adult children are more particular about choosing a stranger to come into their home and look after their loved one. As the popularity of home care services keeps growing, quite a number of elders are even uncertain about what home care entails or how to secure reliable home care services. Fortunately, these issues can be fixed by shedding light on the well-known misconceptions about home care from an elder’s perspective.

A few these misconceptions include:

Home care is costly and can only be afforded by the wealthy:
The reverse is the case. Home care is in fact one of the most affordable choices for those in need, not necessarily seniors. However, majority of elders believed that it is beyond what they can afford. Although costs for home care vary among agencies, they are more flexible as home care experts can work with you for a few hours per week or offer 24 hours care. In addition, there are ways for elderly parents to afford quality home care. With new programs such as long-term care insurance, senior citizens are able to afford quality home care for themselves.

Abuse from home care workers and sometimes, they steal from us

This is absolutely true and sadly, it gives a bad reputation for the caregiver who is caring and honest. However, it can be avoided by asking the home care agency how they usually screen their applicants and whether they carry out background checks. Older children can inquire about how their staffs are trained and whether they are certified. Generally, agencies have a supervisor who looks after the work of the caregiver, so you have nothing to worry about. In case of any abuse or theft, the caregiver can be easily reported and apprehended.

Home care takes away my independence

The majority of elders claim that home care takes away their independence. Regrettably, it can be difficult to convince some elders that the opposite is true. A professional caregiver can really be of help in keeping seniors safer at home. Reputable home care agency will endeavour to match caregivers with elders of related interests. Elders or adult children should ensure that the potential caregiver is trained, screened and insured. A reputable agency must offer reference and background checks of their caregivers at the time of the meeting setup.

I have no control over who comes into my home

That is far from being true. The seniors have full control over who comes to their home. Home care agencies will work with both the seniors and their older children to employ the services of an in-home caregiver, who has the personality and skills that best match the needs and lifestyle of the senior.
With lots of misconceptions regarding home care services, seniors and older parents must be ready to perform some researches and ask questions.

Author information:
Nefr Israel 

What our Clients say About Us...

  • S., who took care of my husband, was the Best.  He was very pleased with her and so was I!  She was Family!  We loved her!
    Mrs. G.
  • (Our caregiver) is a wonderful caregiver.  I am relaxed and worry free when she is with my dad.
    Mary P.
  • Akin Care is simply the best home-care agency around.  When we need a live-in home health aid Akin sent and extremely competent and kind woman to care for my family member.  Akin not only has very competent caregivers, but also and RN who check in on clients.  And with Akin you get Ann, the owner, who is always accessible and very involved overseeing everything.  This is a local business and the owners genuinely care about the quality of care their clients receive.
    Linda L.
  • B. was a wonderful companion to my mother.  She was attentive, caring and responsible.  This was a new experience for my mother and for me.  It's great to know I can be away and have total peace of mind that my mother is in caring and responsible hands!
    Linda K.
  • The staff who attended my husband. and helped me in countless ways, were caring, professional, and skilled.
    Judith K.
  • Although we had only two months together we were well served by M.  Besides having a very pleasant personality, she demonstrated considerable knowledge of the field of home health care.  She made many excellent suggestions benefiting the well-being of her client.  We would not hesitate to enjoy her services over a protracted period.
    Don C.
  • ... the caregivers are skilled and intelligent and focused.  We are extremely grateful.
    Claire J.
  • Akin Care Senior Services Agency provided excellent care for my dad. On the first phone call, Ann was very attentive to my dad’s specific needs for a live-in caregiver and wanted to identify the perfect caregiver before accepting the job. I interviewed several other agencies and concluded they were going to be revolving door of caregivers. Once I selected Ann, she was very helpful in navigating what I needed to do and identified resources for me to access. What you get with Akin is honestly, Ann, the owner of the company. I live in Georgia and my dad in Princeton – so I really needed a local person I could count on and trust. Ann was always available by phone or text and was present with my dad as needed – without having to be asked. She identified the perfect caregiver matched to my dad’s physical and personality needs and they immediately hit it off. She treated my dad as if it were her own father. Thank you Ann – the peace of mind you gave me was precious.
    Heidi S.
  • Akin Care offered us compassion and wisdom that seems to derive not just from years of experience but from a genuine interest in clients... Ann has a keen understanding of medical and emotional needs of patients and their families. She is able to bridge communication among the various parties involved in the challenging work of elder and end-of-life health care.
    Shelly S.