About Akin Care


After 15 years of caring for my parents, my husband, Laszlo, and I discovered that it was not only difficult to find caregivers, it was difficult to find consistently good quality care. And I didn’t want good care for my parents, I wanted the best care.

That is how Akin Care Senior Services came to be. “To provide the highest quality, most compassionate in-home senior care to the elders of our community by matching them with our highly trained, professional and compassionate Caregivers.”

We work with you to ensure you, or the one you love, lives Independently and In control of their days, where ever they call home.

We provide a 100% guarantee of a good fit between you and your caregiver.

Why a Ginkgo Leaf?

The Ginkgo has long been a symbol of longevity – one tree can live for a thousand years. It is also a symbol of, “profound endurance.”  Six ginkgo trees survived the blast at Hiroshima and are still growing today.


Why In-Home Care?

There is growing demand for home care services and the reasons for that have to do with tradition, new technology, and with cost effectiveness.

While in-home care is the “oldest” form of elderly care, it is also the “newest.”

There is a significant evidence that elders heal more quickly and remain independent longer with home care and it is the most satisfying form of care available to the American public.

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