Akin Care Senior Services

Local, Family-Owned

In-home Senior Care serving Princeton, Mercer County and Monroe Township.


We've been there.  After 15 years of caring for my parents, my husband, Laszlo, and I discovered that not only was it difficult to find caregivers, it was difficult to find consistently good quality care.  And, I didn't want good quality care for my parents - I wanted the best care.

That's why Akin Care was born, "To provide the highest quality, most compassionate care to the elders of our community by matching them with our highly trained, professional and compassionate Caregivers."

We work together ensure our clients live independently and in control as they age in their home of their choice.  We do this by providing a 100% guarantee of a good fit between you and our Caregivers.  

Our focus on exemplary professional care giving, warm kindhearted companionship and open two-way communication with family members makes it possible for elders to maintain as much independence as possible.

                                                                                                                                               - Ann King-Musza, Co-owner


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